So low

It’s been a rubbish day at work and coming home to an empty house and no one to share with is just exhausting. It’ll be 3 years on Saturday since Phil became forever free and I miss him more than ever.


Mumma j, I can feel for you because time isn’t really the healer people tell you when you start this horrible grieving journey. It gets easier but never leaves but we won’t want it to.
Bad day at work and no one to tell it too when you walk into that empty house is hard. I found it very difficult coming into the empty house and it was one of the main reason I got a cat and it did make a huge difference. She’s always waiting for me and it’s nice.
I do hope you have plans for Saturday, I shall be thinking of you and hoping that you can cope. Take care. S xx

Thank you for replying. It’s so good to know that someone is there and knows how I feel. It’s so hard reliving those last few days we had together. I try not to dwell on them but it’s so hard and doesn’t help when work is so awful. I’m seeing my daughter on Saturday so there’ll be lots of tears but also laughter when we remember all the funny times with her dad. X

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That’s fantastic, memories, joy but a little sadness.
We are always here and everyone on here knows exactly how you feel, talk about having the wet tee shirt.
Hope you have something nice to eat and drink on Saturday, it gives you something to think about tomorrow. S xx

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Dear Mumma_J

I am two years behind you. I can only see myself in 24 months feeling as you do. I can relate to returning home to an empty house with no one to off-load too. Will be thinking of you on Saturday.

Sheila x

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Thank you. I guess I expect each anniversary to get a bit easier but they don’t seem to. X

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I don’t think that the adverts on TV help at this time of year either. There are several where I just have to reach for the off-button as they are all about couples and being together.

Yes you’re right. It keeps reminding us of what we’ve lost x

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