So sad

my dad died in march and my nan has dementia and is going into a home at the weekend. My stepsister is throughly outstaying her welcome and want to stay while her flat gets decorated. She has wrecked everything shes touched in the house and my mum wont say anything. Meanwhile my stepdad keeps having a go at me for stupid things while my stepsister never gets a word. Im missing my dad even more because he would stick up for his children where as mum literally doesnt care ( she said that to me).

All ive done this week is cry my poor partner just gets cried at. I was crying in bed last night trying hard to be quiet so he didnt hear. He is so supportive and amazing but he askes me whats wrong and i cant put it into words. Feel like im drowning

I’m so sorry for your loss. I recently joined this site after losing my darling son. I find sometimes messaging on here helps as sadly everyone on here are grieving for our loved ones.
Sending love and strength to you.

Hi. Kity88kat. Domestic problems always seem exaggerated in times of stress. Dementia is an awful business and I know because my wife had it at the end. You cry because your world is turned upside down. Nothing is ‘normal’ and you are in an anxiety state. Of course you can’t put it into words. Words are totally inadequate when it comes to such loss. ‘Feel like I’m drowning’. Oh yes, it’s a feeling most of us have had. The world around presses in on you, and you see people apparently living normal lives, and that adds to the burden. It may be better for your nan to be somewhere where they understand dementia. Try and weather the storm as best you can. Everything passes and so will this.
Be kind to yourself as well as others. Kind regards. John.

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