So Tired

Coming up to my husbands anniversary on Valentines Day. Two years, and im still struggling, i just miss him so much. I avoid the shops, so i dont see all the cards etc it just hurts too much. I am surrounded by family and friends yet feel so alone. No one knows the excruciating pain that’s always there except the lovely people here. I’m just so tired right now, as the day gets closer reliving that awful night everything happened so fast, no signs, no warnings, always left with wondering if i should have seen something, could i have done more, only comfort I have is knowing I was here with him when he collapsed. Just miss him in so many ways. He was my husband, my soul mate, and my best friend. it’s just so hard without him. You just get through the days the best you can don’t you, if I have a day without tears its a good day. Sadly, they are few and far between. Does it get easier? For me, it doesn’t i just walk along side it. Sending love to you all who are going through this too. X


Hi @Jools4

I can empathize with you, it’s coming up for two years for me too. The last week I haven’t been myself, I feel physically, mentally and emotionally drained. This morning I had to drag myself out to bed to go to work.
I sat in the garden last night his favourite place and where a few of his ashes are scattered talking to him. Longing to see him and hear his voice if only in my dreams.
Sending love
Debbie x


Hi its been just over 3 months since i lost my Husband to cancer and i am finding it hard to go to places we went to together we thought he was beating the cancer and he would be ok but he had a scan and was told that the cancer had spread and there was nothing they could do he had been having chemo for over a year so to be told it was not working was hard to take in what they said next was even harder to take in they told my Husband he only had about 6 months left so make sure you do every thing you wanted to do i miss him so much it was so hard knowing we did not have long left together


Hi Debbie, I really feel for you. It’s a feeling like no other, isn’t it, just to keep going, sometimes takes all our strength. Try and take comfort from his favourite place and talking to him. I like to think they’re watching over us and listening. Sending lots of love. X

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Sending you lots of love Sue so hard isnt it. X

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yes it is so hard trying to carry on with out your soul mate he was not only my Husband he was also my bestfriend x

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@sue11 so sorry for your loss. I lost my wife of 47 years about the same time as your loss in October. Like you I can no longer go to any of our favourite places nor can I do the little things we did together. I have no idea when or if I will ever be able to visit some of those places. I tried once and just completely broke down. You are not alone in feeling that way. Love and support.