I’ve just had a message from a friend, we arranged to go out for the afternoon, but the thought of it now makes me feel sick. I’m not going as she is free from 1pm and I don’t start to feel easier until about 3pm.I think I’ll ask her to come here and hopefully she’ll understand. I hate being so unstable and not being able to do the things I took for granted :sleepy:


Do what’s best for you. I’m sure your friend won’t mind that. Just explain to them that you feel easier about 3pm. Maybe you could go for a coffee or something about that time.

You’re not unstable. You’re grieving. It hits us all differently. Just take it one day at a time. Baby steps.

Sending hugs :people_hugging:

Thank you for your reply, I’ve messaged her and she said she understood which I was grateful for and feel a little less stressed. Hugs back to you :people_hugging: x

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I’m glad you reached out to her. I’m also glad that you feel less stressed.
Enjoy the rest of your day, the best you can. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks so much, my next job is to ring the doctors for a sick note, this is a sticking point for me as I feel so guilty about being off work, but I’d actually be a danger to anyone as I can’t even concentrate or take in information. I will feel better after I’ve rung though, thanks for your reply it was so good of you, take care :heart:

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You’re more than welcome. Get that call to the doctors done. You can then sit back, take a deep breath.

Baby steps every day xx

You’re so kind, you’re advice is much appreciated. have a good day and thank you so much

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Hi Cheryl, I’m struggling with social anxiety after having a breakdown at Christmas after losing my Dad. I’m ok with strangers weirdly but anxious around friends and family. I’m having counselling and taking things gradually. I’m reading ‘Anxiety - the missing stage of grief’ by Claire Bidwell Smith, which I would recommend x

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Sadly I’m anxious around everyone at the moment, especially if they’re nice to me, for some unknown reason. Thanks for the recommendation of the book, I’ll look it up, take care :heart:

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