Something beautiful I have learnt through this site

I am really thankful for this site and to communicate with others through this hard time. My situation was my boyfriend being found dead in his house he died in November. I have never lived with anyone, although I bought up my son who is now 32 but partly due to a very rootless childhood I became very independent and could never depend on anyone, I am 66 and Allan was 70 when he died, we were so happy and I’m sure a living together arrangement was on the cards What I wanted to say was that reading all these histories of everyone I am struck by the massively strong bond people had, it amazes me, that this is so possible, even though it is so sad that one person has to go before the other to see the strength of the bonds that everyone had is quite a revelation to me I want to say to never forget what a wonderful thing it is to have had that in your life and I also believe that love continues but in a different form very best wishes to you all :hibiscus:


Thank you for putting this. I’m. Crying. I lost my husband 11 months ago. We are approaching the 1st anniversary and it hurts so much still. I do try tk focus on what we had and that I’m so lucky tk have had him for the 14 years I did. Ut I also feel so cheated. He died a day after his 57th birthday. It was unexpected and sudden. I’m 55 and we had so much more to do and plan. Now we will never do those things and I can’t do them on my own as I just think it would be too painful.


June my wife battled MS and beat cancer before suddenly collapsing while on the phone sat at the kitchen table. June’s heart stopped. That was nearly 8 weeks ago and as fresh in my mind as if it was happening now. We were constant companions for 44 years. We did everything together and had no family of our own. So I’m bereft of my greatest gift in my life my lovely strong never complaining best friend. I appreciate we were so lucky to have each other but that is tempered due to the decades of I’ll health June suffered. Sleep tight June. Love you always!


Dear Sharon
Very sorry for your loss. My partner Sunny died aged 57 in June 21. He had a rare lung condition but suddenly got pneumonia and his lungs couldn’t fight it. Like you I’m 55, we were planning so much lovely stuff for our future- holidays, moving to be nearer to my family, all sorts of things to look forward to and to just be happy together. He was my life. We were so compatible, we were each other’s best friend, advisor, sweetheart, etc etc. And it’s all gone in the blink of an eye. Nearly 8 months on and there are parts of me that are OK (I’m managing to go to work, I go for a swim, to the supermarket etc) but also parts that will never recover. I’ve fundamentally changed as a person and there’s a core of sadness that will always be with me now. I’ve got to accept that I guess, and at the same time hope for some future happiness.
Love to you and all on here x