Sometimes I'm so angry with him

Hi All
I’m having a bit of a bad couple of weeks, approaching our wedding anniversary this coming Sunday and my 50th. This will be my second anniversary without him. On Saturday I had to put some bits in the loft and the ladder slipped, I wasn’t really hurt just some swelling and bruising above my eye but I was so angry, furious with him for not being here. The loft was his job and now it’s all on me. I immediately felt guilty for feeling angry as it wasn’t his choice to leave, but I think the burden and worry of life is just sometimes so overwhelming. Am I bad person I feel so awful for being angry with him.


Hello @Lilyboost

You are not a bad person, you are only human and you are grieving…try not to beat yourself up.

I’ve have felt angry/frustrated with my husband on occasion who passed nearly 12 months ago, but then I realise it makes no difference so I have learned to let it go.

It’s our wedding anniversary this month too. He passed last year, 2 days before our 21st anniversary.

It’s all so rubbish, be kind to yourself, you have enough to contend with…you are not a bad person. I hope your bumps & bruises are on the mend.

Take care…& go careful. x


Definitely not.
I plod on till “man jobs” crop up then I feel the same as you - angry & sorry for myself.
Then I ask myself ( & swear) what would hubby have done - I do try to be independent but sometimes I need help.

Take care on those ladders!
G. X


Hi Lilyboost
Your not a bad person. I have had many a strong word with my husband for leaving me to sort everything. There was so much to sort through that I gave him a good telling off even in those first weeks.


Thank you all, I’m glad to know I’m not alone, sometimes you feel like you’re going a little crazy with the things that go round your brain. I have bought a new ladder to hopefully prevent that happening again, but I know there is no one but me to do these jobs now so I have to. I miss my hubby so much xx

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You’re not crazy…just coping. No one understands how much missing someone hurts until you experience your partner’s passing. Anger, resentment, loneliness are all part of it…and im only 3 weeks into it. Stay strong and reach out to the community as often as feels right. We’re in this together.