Sorry for not posting.

When I got home from my holiday in Sardinia last weekend, I came home to a heap of problems within my family so have decided not to post on here for the time being as I am devastated about what has happened.

I hope and pray that you are all getting through each day as best you can because believe you me, after four years without my husband Peter, I am no better than I was then, and what with these new problems I feel as if I am being ripped apart.

Please take care.

Sheila xx

Sheila, I’m so sorry to hear about your family problems. You’re always giving your support to so many on this site and I’m sure all of us, including people like myself who don’t post very often, will join me in sending you love and hugs at this difficult time. Take good care of yourself and hope you’ll be back soon. You’re in my thoughts and prayers. Kathy xx

Dear Kathy,

Thank you so very much, it is terrible what is going on and I am on the sidelines looking in.

I will know more on Monday when everyone starts to talk to each other, but until this mess is sorted, if ever it is sorted, then I will not be posting.

Thank you once again and I am thinking of everyone going through the nightmare of losing a loved one.


Sheila xx

Bless you, I hope you get your family issues sorted out quickly and amicably. Be careful not to let them drag you down as I think being bereaved does make us vulnerable.
Take care xxx

Dear Victoria,

Thank you so much for your kind words, I will be coming back shortly as I found out that these problems with our sons and their ex’s won’t be a quick and easy problem to sort out, so I decided to let them get on with it, they are both in their mid/late forties and if they can’t sort things out like grown up’s then that is their problem. The only thing is I don’t see our grandchildren, I go from being the number 1 childminder to not seeing them at all but there is nothing I can do but be a shoulder to cry on. I only wish I had a shoulder to cry on.


Sheila xx

Dear Sheila, I do hope and pray that things will be resolved and you will see your grandchildren again. Sometimes these things just take a little time, particularly when everyone is hurting.
But saying that’s, it seems a very cruel way to treat you when you have gone through so much so I would think bide your time and maybe try to keep busy (well that’s what helps me!)
I hope you return to the site when the time feels right as I have found it amazingly helpful and supportive.
Much love to you xxx

Dear Victoria,

Thank you so much.

Sheila xx

Oh I am so sorry that the holiday was spoiled by coming back to probables. I do hope things sort themselves out and you can get on with your own life. We do expect so much and believe that we can overcome all but sometimes we just have to think of ourselves. You always give sound, sensible advice and one thing we all say is look after yourself. It’s the right time to think about you and I know your grandchildren will love you just as much when you next see them, which I hope is very soon.
Take care, love and blessings.

Dear Susie,

Thank you so much for caring, the problem seems to be getting worse than better. Both are sons are nearing 50 years of age, so I have decided to let them get on with it. If the ex’s would all sit down together and talk to each other like we did many years ago, instead of texting and emailing each other then perhaps the problem would be sorted out straight away. I have told them to get off their backsides and put their children first.

I will start posting on here shortly as like I say, I am leaving them to it.


Sheila xx

Hi Sheila I am so sorry for all your worries ,I hope that things get settled soon ,it soul destroying dealing with every day problems with out family troubles on top off it all I hope that your Peter is trying to help you where ever he is .if you ever need to talk ,as it does help just talking to a friend I am only at the end off a phone ,my love for now Teresa x x x

Dear Teresa, thank you so much for your kind words. I will be back on the site before long as there is nothing I can do at all and I won’t be seeing our family for the next two weeks, so I am taking the time to think about myself. Peter would have sorted it out straight away, instead all our sons and their ex’s are doing is sending text after text to each other. Peter would have said, right, I want all of you in our house and we are going to sort this out face to face. Divorces have a heck of a lot to answer for when there are children involved.

I do hope you are keeping as well as you can be.

Lots of love

Sheila xx

Hello Sheila , I hope things are little better for you ,and your right Divorces are very jealous and vindictive, they feel that Badly done by that they put them self first and the children come second .it will do you good to have a good think about your self ,your like me your family has always come first ,and that’s how it should be but ,but there grow men now and you have done your very best for them ,it not easy I know but it’s now time to put you first .

My love for now take care ,and only come on here when you feel ready you have been missed by lots as I have read there post love Teresa xxxxxx

Dear Teresa,

Thank you so much, you are very kind. These last two weeks have been terrible, but I have decided to let them sort things out on their own. If they would only talk to each other instead of texting, things may not have come to this.

I have had more time to myself so have been going out on a few day trips with friends as I haven’t had to child mind, I miss our grandchildren, but until this mess is sorted out I won’t see them and it is such a shame, I have lost my wonderful husband and don’t want to even think about never seeing our grandchildren again.

Thank you again Teresa, please look after yourself.

Lots of love

Sheila xx

Hello Sheila I hope that you are okay and things are getting a bit better for you ,I do hope so take care love for now xxx

Hello and thank you so much for caring. No, things are going from bad to worse and there is not a darned thing I can do about it.

When I lost Peter nearly four years ago the spark in me went out, and even though things are so bad with our family, I just can’t seem to get really upset about it. The only thing that would finish me off is if something happened to our sons or grandchildren, so whilst they are going through this horrible time, as long as they are healthy that is all that matters to me. Our sons and their partners are okay in themselves, it is their ex’s that are causing the problems, they have custody of our grandchildren and are calling all the shots. Divorce has a heck of a lot to answer for.

I have been reading all the comments and the new postings and it breaks my heart to see what they are going through, many are starting out on their nightmare journey and I just don’t have the heart to tell them that even after four years without my husband, I cry every single night for him and of course these new problems have added to my sadness.

I do hope you are keeping well, if ever you want to private message me, I will give you my email address and we can keep in touch that way.

Lots of love.

Sheila xx

Hi Sheila I hope that your feeling bit better and things have got a little better for you ,I have missed talking to you and I would like to e mail you ,I do hope that you have been able to see your grandchildren it always makes me so mad that the innocent children are left to pay the price ,as well as nan’s .and x partners .
I am just back from Germany I went with my grandson for three weeks we did not see much off Mary or Gareth as they were away on buisnes s most off the time ,so we were dog walkers ,and cat walkers and just general dog bodies ha ,

It awfully that empty feeling that never goes away …

Can’t find my rereading glasses dispite having to pairs ,my love for now take care Teresa xxxxx

Dear Teresa, Thank you for your lovely message. I will private message you with my email address now and we can keep in touch and I will tell you all the ins and outs. I haven’t seen our grandsons for nearly 8 weeks now, which is down to their mother. It will have been a break for you in Germany, albeit you were the dog walkers.

Do you know Teresa, it is four years at the end of August since Peter died and although that rawness has gone, I still feel the same pain I did when he died, even now after all this time, everything seems so pointless, I feel as if I am just biding time until it is my time to go. Going out means nothing, I go out, smile, and then come home, it is as if the life has been knocked out of me since he died, I used to so bubbly, dancing around the house with my vacuum and playing rock n roll songs but now, I just don’t have the strength anymore, it is so hard to be positive and look forward to anything, in fact, I don’t look forward to anything, they are just days to get through.

I still cry for Peter, when I look at our wedding photos I cry, I cannot understand where that handsome teenage boy and that pretty girl went, were we ever so young. I thought that after four years I would have moved on but I haven’t, all I want is Peter, nothing else matters, it is the thought of spending the rest of my days without him. The worst part of it all is that I will never see him again, never kiss him or hold his hand and that is what is killing me. If he had walked out of the door and not come back at least I would have known he was somewhere on this earth and that there would always be a chance I would see him whenever I went out, but because he has died, there is no chance of that and it is heartbreaking.

Please take care Teresa,

I will private message you now.


Sheila xx

Hi Sheila I hope you get this one ,I do hope that your feeling little better I, I can identify with all your message above ,
I just don’t enjoy life any more ,and I am not looking forward to this trip to Hong Kong and China.
I hope that thing have resolved a bit and you are able to see your grandchildren . I hope that you get this one take care my love for now Teresa x x x

Dear Teresa, I have private messaged you.


Sheila xx