spiritist for support

is this a good idea or not. I am in two minds. Need to know my love one is safe and frightened of the result.


This is something i have thought about myself-not just yet though as its only been 6 weeks&i I’m not ready yet,still too raw.I have seen one in the past after i lost my first husband 22 yrs ago&it really brought me alot of comfort-she told me things no one could have possibly known -it was a one to one sitting &she didn’t even know my name so could not have researched anything Xx


I have been to spritualist church but only short time for mediums . I am going to see one in October and am so hopeful of a message

I’ve googled and read a lot and have watched so many medium vlogs on Youtube recently. There is a really great guy in US on Youtube I found. I find him comforting. He tells us that our loved ones are around us all the time, watching over us. They are not alone in heaven, they meet up with all our past loved ones and are not alone or in pain. They are guiding us and will send us signs, if you are receptive to them. I talk to my mum and I’m sure she hears me. I hope! xx

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I have seen a medium, I cried I laughed and found comfort but would never go again in case he wasn’t there anymore. He knew things I’d thought in my head and never said out loud, and I knew he had to have been there at that moment I thought it because only he would have know what I was thinking. The one I seen has a very good reputation

@Kate78 why not, what have you got to lose? Go to someone recommended though. The one I saw came recommended and was amazing, my mum came through and so much accurate information was said, I was in shock during the reading. I recorded it too and my partner said she was spot on. Do whatever gives you comfort but try not to have high expectations in case you’re disappointed.