Starting to struggle

I’m starting to struggle again. Especially now with Christmas coming. I broke down in tears putting the tree up and have struggled all through the weekend. I’m tired of pretending I’m okay.

Hello @LJC, I’m so sorry for the loss of your little brother. This is a really difficult time of year for many people - you’re not alone… I’m sure someone will be along to offer their support, but I wanted to share our Coping with grief at Christmas article with you in case it’s helpful. We also offer free Online Bereavement Counselling, which is something you might want to explore when you feel ready to.

Please do keep reaching out here - you’re not alone.

Take good care,

Hello LJC, I broke down in tears just yesterday and it seems to get worse at the moment (Christmas). I have stopped pretending to be OK a long time ago. It did not work and I am sure it made it ever worse. Just be yourself, if you feel down, you feel down. Just make sure you talk to people. Just saying hello to some one I have never met before does help. Check out if there are any bereavement group near you. I joined one and it does help. It is good to be able talk to someone who knows how you feel. I only wish we would meet more often, we only meet once one a month - Nick

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Christmas, New Years, just painful reminders. We are about to begin another year, people say they hope it will be a “better one” but for those of us surviving the death of our loved ones it is but an extension of the pain. I ask myself how many more New Years can I endure knowing it will mark more time without my beloved Sister. Sorry to sound so gloomy, but this time of year has that effect. I understand the struggle and putting on the mask. This is a lonely journey, but we do have this forum as a place to connect with others grieving their beloved sibling. Only those going through this nightmare can relate. Thank you for listening and I am here for you as well. Xxx