Stay Strong

I salute every single person who has ever felt themselves in a dark place, but rose above the pain. And I salute every person who continues to stand tall with all their broken part still intact. You may not be where you want to be, but you will get there. Stay Strong

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Thank you for these words… How many times have I heard how strong I am ? I guess I am because I’m still here trying to heal myself. What is my alternative - curling up in a fetal position and weeping? - as much as I want to do that I know I can’t. For me, being strong is looking after myself as best I can. I eat reasonably well, although it’s certainly not organized meals. I keep a bottle of lavender oil and Bach’s rescue remedy at hand and use them freely. Being strong is allowing myself to grieve and not being afraid to let people see my sadness. Being strong is not giving in to the suffocating fear of the future, or the brutal images of the past - it is learning to take one day, one moment at a time. Being strong is knowing that somewhere,sometime,someplace I will come out of this terrible journey and be able to see the light…

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I’ve often wondered where “there” may be and how I will know when I have arrived.
I prefer to think that I am in the process of Becoming.
I think that we constantly move on and our life continues to evolve or unfold. Life is about the journey for me. I avoid thinking about the destination, or, more correctly, I try not to.
We never know how strong we can be until it’s the only choice left.


I have tried to follow the process of how others cope with this, and found that its not others that live everyday as i have, moving on is part of this evolving life, my journey started when his pasted away, being strong is my way of saying i can do this .