Step parents

I lost my dad suddenly 3 weeks ago,my stepparent is making sure I have nothing to do with any part of my dad,including not even allowing me so much as an t-shirt of his,I don’t want anything of value,just something of my dad’s that I can hold when I need to feel him close by.
had anyone else encountered problems because of Dad’s partners?

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Every day I’m even more shocked at the behaviour of some fellow human beings. I’m so sorry you are being treated like this.
I’ve had issues with my own family and just can’t be bothered anymore. X

Hi Jade76,
Oh for goodness sake this makes me do cross.What on earth is wrong with some people.It beggars belief It really does.I feel I want to rant with them.How utterly utterly disgusting.
It is heartbreaking for you.
I am actually lost for words.
Have you had the funeral yet?
Ok try to find a positive in all this. You need to decide if you want this step parent in your life anymore. You will probably have things that your dad gave you so can cherise those.Theywill mean far more to you.
Do you have photos of him? Make them into a photo board dort of display .Make an area in your home wherever you live about your dad or a memory area in your garden as it will help you with your grief. If you still live with your step parent make a small area in your bedroom eg photo, flowers,special items etc.
Lots of people go through all sorts of problems as the slightest thing causes arguments after a loved one passes.Sometimes its a lot to do with guilt, feelings of trust,scared of the future,the unknown about the future and sometimes just downright nastiness. Give her a wide berth and space so leave her alone for a while and she may apologise and you can work through things. Let us know how you get on.
Thinking of you
Deborah x