Still greaving

Yesterday was the third anniversary of the passing of my high school sweetheart and bride of 54 years. I still have trouble accepting that she is gone. My song to her an oldie ( I Only Have Eyes For You) was on the radio. As you can guess the tears flowed.
Overall I’m doing pretty well just wanted to vent my pain. Tks


I know exactly how you feel .
I am only 12 weeks on this stange journey.
I visited the garden centre close to home he lo ed tbe garden and we would buy plants and vegetables. I could not stand bring there alone the pin the memories the crying. I could not look at anything without bringing back what i have lost.
Everyday i try to go out do things feel stronger then i get back and it hits me this is not a dream this is reality and i know i need to be more positive but i cant see how that can be just now.
I am hoping to do some volunteering to meet new people and keep busy.
I dont have family in the UK that can help and my friends stay 50 miles away. So guess its just me to get on with it.
Sorry for the rant. I know it will never be the same i only hope the pain gets less

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I think this pain will always be with us and will always catch us at unexpected moments. People will expect us to be over it and getting on. I don’t think that day will come.


As sad as it is, I totally agree with you.