Still Grieving 2yrs On

My mum was diagnosed with terminal cancer, and it all happened very quickly from that point. It’s been two years now, and I just can’t accept it, I miss her like crazy! She was my best friend and now she’s just gone.

I feel like I’m the only one still grieving, as my dad has long since moved on with a women, who I think took advantage of him being lonely and despise her, and feel jealous when they act like a family.

And all of this circles around in my head all night and drives me insane.

I’m 20 years old, but I just want my mum and it kills me inside when I realize that it’s not possible.

Will I always be grieving? :frowning:

Dear DaisyFlower,

You won’t always be grieving, one day you will be able to think of mum and it will hurt less. I don’t think you ever stop missing someone you loved that much, she will always be with you, as you say she wasn’t just your mum but your best friend too.

Is there anyone you can talk to? It might be good to get the thoughts out into the open. Cruse are very good and offer six sessions of free counselling - might be worth a thought.

Hi Sarah,

There’s many people who will listen, but I feel like I will just bore people by repeating the same things. Sometimes I go to talk about it and freeze up because I don’t like to cry in front of anyone, and most of my family see me as someone who is strong for them, so it’s very hard to admit to anyone that I am struggling to cope.

I will have a look at Cruse, thank you.

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Its hard when you’re the one expected to be strong and cope with everything. Take care of you.

I think the problem lies in your 2nd paragraph. relating to your Dad moving on and you despising the new woman in his life. You admit that your mum was your best friend, Dad gets no mention. Now Mum’s gone. You need to talk to Dad and tell him that you need his love and support now mum’s gone. He’s not to know unless you talk to him. This is why he’s sought love elsewhere. I’m sure Cruse will agree Catherine Penny

my Dad died when I was 17 and I’m now 21, so I can totally relate to how you’re feeling. I always have days where I miss him so much & my Mum moved on to a new man recently, and while he’s really nice, it feels like she’s replacing my Dad. it does sort of get easier over time. hope this helps. x

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