Still grieving

It’s been ages since I posted anything. I read your posts and become very tearful, there are so many of us in pain. My lovely man was taken from me almost 7 years ago and I am still grieving. I cry a lot and miss him so much I am often beside myself with grief. We were together thirty years. Before I met him I didn’t think that anyone could ever love me. I had had a lonely life and no family. I couldn’t believe I had met a lovely kind clever caring man. When he died I was seriously ill myself. I used to have faith I used to believe we went on after death but after he was taken so unfairly I lost my beliefs which makes things worse . I still go on holiday like we used to do but the magic is gone. Wherever I go I take some of his ashes to scatter. I am so lonely I have no friends. I am past retirement age but still work part time. I am so damned tired. I just wish I could believe that one day I will see him again. It would make life more bearable. Sorry to Witter on. I really do feel for all of you out there, trapped within our grief.


Hi Bell so sorry for your loss I lost my husband suddenly one year can not believe I am still plodding on day by day it is worse now so I can imagine how you feeling even after seven years I don’t think you can ever get over it just try to manage it I guess it is so lonely sorry you are struggling even now waned to tell you I understand I feel your pain we have to hold on to our memories they tell me
Sending you a friendly hug xx



Like you I lost my faith after my husbands death, however in these past few months ive been thinking about it & come to the conclusion that we must go on, what is the point otherwise? We are made of energy & energy can’t die so i do believe that we go on somewhere & were our husbands are we will go one day, so we do see them again, the time in between is a temporary separation.

Try to remember the love that your husband had for you at times when your feeling really low, tha5 love will sustain you :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi Bell

My heart goes out to you as we all know how you are feeling. My husband of nearly forty years, Ian, passed away suddenly and unexpectedly 47 weeks ago today. To me it just seems like yesterday.

I would love to think that I would see Ian again but sadly, I don’t. I’m sorry that you lost your beliefs and that must make it so hard for you.

Like you, I just feel so tired all the time. I can’t see beyond a day let alone the seven years that you’ve had to. People tell me it gets easier but if anything, the sadness and loneliness is getting worse. Trapped within our own grief is so true.

Take care of yourself,
X Julie


It’s all so sad, so many questions I ask all the time where are you ? where have you gone ? How can this be ? But I agree there has to be some point in all this and in my heart I know he is ok wherever he is, it’s just what do I do now ? My heart is so heavy and so desperately sad without him, I plod through each day I miss the freedom of spirit we had looking to the future with no real worries never knowing of the darker side of life and death by cancer, grief is now my partner and he packs a punch, we’re all walking the same lonely road so hugs to everyone and meanwhile I’ll keep looking up to the sky xx

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Morning you right question that will not be answered I hope I will be with my husband again have to believe I will I hope his ok not going through the ordeal in hospital that he went through not sure how he would be dealing with this pain we all going through line no other do we need to carry on I ask myself this morning feel I don’t have the strength sun is shinning so guess have to manage the day weekends are hard for us alone as family have there lives planning nice days out we in distance missing our love one
Thinking of you take care xx

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Just to say thank you to everyone who has read or replied. I really do try to believe I will see him again one day and that there is “another place” Over the years I have had a number of happenings some of which really could be coincidence but one in particular was so unbelievable and I want to believe it was him as it’s exactly what he would do. I hate the fact that before I lost him I was a definite believer and had been all my life although had a few “wobbles” I wish I could just choose to believe. It doesn’t help that I have no family at all and no real friends . All I have is my little dog and now a part time job but I am now having health issues and I just wish something would go right. I really thank you and wish you all the best. To say I wouldn’t wish this on anyone is an understatement. My husband always said I was very stoical but not now. Getting older doesn’t help but funilly before he died I never worried about getting old. We were going to be "old gits " together. I hope all of you find peace and contentment. I will continue to cry at your post even if I dont post too often myself.


Dear Bell, I am so sorry for your loss, I too cry when I read these posts, we know how much pain losing a loved one brings, but you DO have friends, you have friends on here, I know it’s not the same as sitting side by side and having a heart to heart, but please don’t feel alone, the loss of a loved one is overwhelming and we all need help to cope, at least we can reach out on here, I am thinking of you and sending you a hug, love Tracym

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There is a verse that I read often - usually in tears but find comforting. We have to believe we will see them again but in the meantime, we have to plod on till it’s our time and they will be waiting for us. :crossed_fingers:

“Death is nothing at all” by Henry Scott Holland.

G. Xx


I hope so tough living with out them by our side some days it’s harder than others today it hard coming to terms with what has happened
Yes plodding along xx