Still miss you mum

My mum passed away 2 years ago. I still miss her so very much.
Every day still wake up with the same empty feelings. Thought by now it might get a little easier but its still so hard. Every day having to put a brave face on at work, shopping etc ,its exhausting…
Can’t remember the last time i felt truly happy and content.
People say you learn to live with it, i don’t want to learn to live with it.
We were so close, always laughing, sometimes just at silly things, thats what i miss the most.
Every day i would wake up, and my first thought would be mum, what time i was going round or if she needed any groceries.
Now every day i wake up and just have this empty feeling in the pit of my stomach.
I know i am not alone, but am just so tired of it all, just want my mum back.
I used to love Christmas, but now its not the same.
Everything just feels such an effort.


Hi Jasmine, I completely understand your loss as reading your post, made me think for one moment it was my words. Everything you have said resonates with me as I lost my mum in January 2023. I have no children and not married and it’s been very very hard. My married siblings have someone to hug them in the moment. I have amazing friends but they aren’t in my home at the moment I need them. I feel totally empty and I too think of mum every morning as I wake up. I feel lonely too, despite having 5 siblings. Like most siblings (80%) they fall out when parents pass away. It’s so sad. I looked after her and that was never respected by my sisters. I guess I’m not needed now. It feels like that. Living alone in grief having lost my everything has impacted me and sometimes I want to die just to be with her and my father again. But I know they’d want me to live my best life. Like I’m sure your dear mum. Big hug x


Hello marion, am so sorry that you lost your mum too.
I also have never been able to have children, thats why me and mum were so close.
I am married but my husband is not close to his parents so he struggles to understand how i feel. If i ,m honest the relationship has been strained at times, as i struggle to be the person i was.
I also have good friends but lkie you say they aren’t always here, we mainly text as we all have jobs etc, so only see them now and again.
I sometimes feel like the pain of missing mum is never going to end. Am always here if you need to talk x

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I’m in Kent and if it’s not too far, I’d be very happy to meet you…. Being present with someone that understands can help a great deal, as I think most of us feel this is the one thing that is missing in our lives.

Hello marion, i live a long way from kent, but would still like to be friends. Like you say its nice to have someone who understands. So if you want to send me a private message, be nice to talk with you x

Hi. I lost my mum in May this year. I am lost without her, because only child and lived with her all my life. I have a partner who lives quite a distance from me. But I am on my own here all the time. I am in Lincolnshire, if you want to talk. xx

Hello, am sorry that you lost your mum. It must be very hard dealing with all these feelings alone. But everyone here understands how you feel. We are all just trying to cope with grief in our own ways. Am always here if you need to talk x

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Thank you. I am in Lincolnshire, so if you ever want to meet up for a chat, would be more than happy to. It’s nice to meet other people going through a similar time. xx

Thank you. X