Still struggle to deal with my loss

During the day I try and get out as much as I can ,to occupy my mind.
Evenings vary on what ever state of mind i’m in.
This particular night I was deep in thought and came up with this.
All my own words.has no title…

Today my life has little meaning,
The hurt of loss is what I’m feeling,

Cheryl my love is why I’m grieving,
The cancer that was has got me seething.

The doctor’s advice was misconceiving,
All the meds she was receiving,
The 2nd scan said she was Achieving,
It soon turned out to be deceiving.

The end was near the cancer was showing,
Unknown to Cheryl her life was going.

Before I knew my tears were flowing,
I said my goodbyes as her breath was slowing,
Then came the shock of death not knowing,
The hurt for my love will always be growing, Most family and friends were left not knowing,
But if you really new Cheryl she left us not owing.

What Cheryl taught us was to honour her passing, If she saw us fools now she would dance about laughing…


So wonderfully put together @Vonde
Thank you for sharing it with us.

I hope you can move to do what your Cheryl wanted you to do. Hugs xxx