Still very hard .

Hi all ,

Still finding it very hard every day to cop with the death of my mum . Why is it still hard to cop I miss her every day . I am writing this a crying all I want is one of them mum cuddles . :frowning:

Bless you Trigger. Our mum’s are very important people in our lives and we think they’ll be around forever. I’m sorry you’ve lost yours. I lost my mum nearly 6 years ago and my husband last year so I know how you must be feeling. You don’t say how long ago your mum passed but it sounds like it’s early days. Try to keep busy as distraction helps if only for a short while. Keep chatting on this forum, I have found it to be a massive comfort. The loss of my husband has been all consuming but I can honestly say that before it happened I thought of my mum every single day, chatted to my sister about her and even laughed when we recalled something about her - my mum was so funny sometimes. I’m a mum myself so I’m sending you motherly love and a big mum hug. Xx

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Thank you crazy Kate for your message I lost my mum the 3rd January 2018 . She is my world stll always will be . And I also glossed my grandad , uncle in February 2018 . Me and my sister and dad speak about her every day we also . Remember all the good time and funny things we did. I was a mum girl I could told to her about everything. It just hurts so much because I need her and she is not here . Sorry can’t write no cry sending hugs back onces again thank you very much appreciated.


I completely understand where you are coming from I lost my dad in Jan this year too! He was my everything- the person who’s opinion mattered the most to me! I have his wallet and it smells of him and sometimes I just smell it and cry … one hug that all I want be I know it doesn’t work like that.

My mum was diagnosed with dementia in March so it ls so hard and she doesn’t even mention him really and if I talk about him she gets upset. I feel like I have lost both parents and for a 35 year women I have never felt more like a lost little girl in my life…
I just try to remember all the good times and that he would want me to be happy again. I am dreading Christmas as it’s going to be so hard .

Stay strong, we have no other choice x

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