Still very lonely without you

It’s coming up one year in may when I lost my husband of 43 years found myself in a very dark place many times people says it does get easier many days I go into meltdown life does go on but it’s very lovely without him all day every day my mind does remember everything of that day which left me mentally and emotionally on the edge told him when I go to talk with him have him back in a heartbeat even I know never going to happen go about my daily routine in a another world

Dear Shirley,

welcome to this lovely place where you can share your thoughts and feelings… My sincere condolences to you….
Hugs for you…

Sending loads of love to you, @shirley3 - it is hard, it is so hard. We all understand here. I am glad you have joined us. We are here for each other.

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Thank you it’s nice just putting the words down my head is thinking

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