Stomach anxiety

I wake up every morning with anxiety in my stomach since my husband died. Does anyone else get this and have you any suggestions as to how it goes away. Desperate for an answer


Hi Nel
I was the same when my husband died in February. Woke up every morning, remembering again that he’s no longer here and having that feeling of dread in the pit of my stomach.

It WILL lessen in time, although there are still some days when it is there again.

When it is I make myself get up and do things, even just going into the garden for some fresh air helps a little.

I think it’s that realisation that we are on our own isn’t it?! It’s the shock and the sadness all over again.

Please take care and look after yourself xx

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Thank you Jayne. It makes me feel Ian not alone with this. Grief is so all consuming. Take care xu

Dear Nel
Yes, I to get the feeling of anxiety in my stomach and have read that it’s all connected to the brain… the two go together which makes sense when you feel anxious. The best thing for me is to mix some drops of peppermint aromatherapy oil with some carrier oil and gently rub some on my stomach at bedtime and again in the morning. I also have reflexology once a month on my feet and find it very calming. I feel anxious a lot of the time and feel I should be more excepting of the situation after 3 years but there is no pattern to how we feel… You can get the oils from Holland and Barrett if you think it may help.
Love Jenny.

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Hiya nel I was the same went to doctor said it was anxiety I got beta blockers they do help take care annie x

Thank you Kingfisher and Annie I will try these xx

I have just warmed up a wheat bag and placed it on my tummy. It seems to relax the anxiety. Thought I would share so that we can all benefit from some brief respite. It’s the simple ideas that are most effective. Taker care x

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Hiya nel take care of yourself just eat anything it doesn’t matter lv annie x x

I had terrible anxiety when my husband first went into hospital, mainly because I was not allowed to visit him, that all changed of course when it got more serious. Every morning my anxiety was so bad I was being sick, it got so bad that I couldn’t even keep water down and for two weeks I couldn’t eat anything without it coming out one way or another. In desperation I phoned the doctors and they gave me some tablets, which in the end I didn’t take because I did not like the side effects. My husband then died and I knew everything was down to me, I was truly on my own. I started to take rich tea biscuits to bed and before I even got out of bed I would try and manage a couple of biscuits but what I found really helpful was sipping peppermint tea first thing in the morning. I lost two stone in a couple of months, but what I do now is to just try and eat what you fancy when you want it, if it’s chocolate or in my case ready salted crisps, then have it. My husband died 5 months ago now and I am only just starting to eat properly. I still get very bad anxiety at night, when I keep thinking, I can’t cope on my own, but I try to think of any good things that have happened to me that day, however small.


Hello bel
I am sorry you are going through this and I think you are courageous to come on here to share your experience
I find it quite nerve wracking in case I unintentionally offend someone as grief and death is so sensitive a thing to discuss.
So I hope this is ok that I say I am ‘glad’ you’ve raised this anxiety as i have been waking with the most horrible shaking and dread it makes me cry it feels so awful I dread going to sleep. It’s not every time but most often than not and sometimes on waking from an afternoon sleep too.
It’s only been since my died in very difficult circumstances but it wasn’t straight away, it came on after I’d dealt with his estate and affairs. It really is the most horrible feeling
GP has done blood tests but since no abnormality there they just left it and I’m suffering. Maybe I deserve it somehow I feel guilty my dad died that I should have prevented it.
I find putting the radio on and trying to distract myself taking deep breaths and telling myself it will pass helps a little but I fear it will never leave me.
I think others suggestions to you are worth a try. Take care of yourself