I’m struggling with a broken heart, and a feeling of anger as well.
We have my pa in laws funeral on Tuesday. I’m getting confirmed in our church. But I feel like I’m up and down. I went to watch football at our local and got drunk.Got my wife’s back up. Then I had a go at someone of which I feel appalled with my behaviour.
Please help me.

Hello Darthlukeren, I am sorry to hear that you’re struggling with a broken heart and feelings of anger. If you’ve had a browse of this community you will have seen that anger, as well as that feeling of being up and down, is very common following the loss of a loved one - you’re certainly not alone here.

We have an article on our website about coping with bereavement that talks about some of the feelings you’ve mentioned and also includes some suggestions for how to cope. Perhaps there’s something here that helps:

Take care,

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