Struggling after loss of my dad from Covid

My dad died 9 months ago from Covid. I feel immense guilt as I tested positive the week before. As much as I’m told by others that I can’t blame myself, I really do.
I almost lost my mother too as she was in hospital with it too.
I’m really struggling with it all at the mo and miss my dad so much.


I’m so sorry @kat19 it sounds as though you are going through a really hard time. I really hope that reading other posts on this site will be helpful as there are so many people who are struggling with the losses of those they loved.

I have found that taking things slowly can help sometimes - not rushing to look too far ahead and taking each moment as it comes. There is so much to grieving - it is a complicated process that takes time to move through. I hope you find some support on here…

Hi Kat19

So sorry to hear of your loss, i lost my mom suddenly also to Covid 9mths ago.
I can relate to your feeling of guilt as my mom lives far away and i regret so much not making her come and live with me after my dad passed 6mths prior.

Im here to make friends & share the griefing process together.

Look forward to your reply xxxxxx