Struggling still

Hi all,

I lost my Mum unexpectedly a few days before Christmas. Up until about 2 months ago my journey through grief had got to a stage where I was getting back to doing things. My youngest daughter is doing her GCSE’s this year and she is struggling with the pressure the teachers are putting on her and the loss of her Granny. She’s having panic attacks particularly at night, she gets me up. We’ve ended up going to a therapist to get help. When I’m with her I feel stressed because I’m worrying if she’s ok. When I’m on my own I feel anxious most of the time. I feel like I’ve lost my purpose. I was coping ok until this happened. It’s like I’m able to cope with grief and life until something goes wrong. Then I’m in bits. Before Mum died I could cope with things and was strong but not any more. Does anyone else feel anxious since their person passed away? Thanks

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Hello, its so normal. Totally normal. I realise that more when i come onto platforms like this. I’m sorry for you and your family
Your Mum must have beem very special. I have lost confidence from losong bothy Mum and Dad and rebuilding slowly x

Sorry to hear about your mum. I lost my mum in January and my dad 3 years ago and have been struggling and have not been able to sleep properly. My GP has just put me on antidepressants which is helping. xx

Hi Jodie, thank you for replying. It’s good to hear it’s normal. I’m just finding things with my daughter too much to cope with on top of learning to live without my Mum. She was very special, yes. I know it’s still quite early on but I need to support my daughter too x

Hi, I’m sorry about your loss too. I hope the tablets help you. I already take them so it’s not an option for me. They’re good at putting you back on an even keel. Losing someone close rocks your world and I’m still finding my way through it. Take care

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Hi @Rainbow7 my mum died in 2022, my dad in 2016. I constantly doubt my ability to cope with life’s problems since they’ve gone. Anxiety is never far away for me. A lot of help around grief talks about sadness, but there’s less acknowledgement (I’ve found anyway) of fear being a reaction to bereavement. Take care.

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