Struggling this Christmas

I am really struggling this Christmas. I dont feel happy. I dont want to be cheerful because i miss my boy. I am sleeping loads i cant go a full day without having to have a nap and i can only get between 3-5 hours sleep a night.

I feel really stressed and irritable. Everything seems to be winding me up.

Sorry for ranting.


You aren’t ranting, you are expressing your grief. I lost my darling boy in September, such a shocking experience. This Christmas has torn me apart. I realise i have to somehow come to terms with this loss or else give up.
I wish you peace and acceptance, that is all we can hope for xxx


@Sammi we are all here because we all understand each others pain in a way our friends and family may not. I find I can voice things here that I’ve not said to my own family. It’s not ranting it’s you expressing your pain.


Thank you both for understanding

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Im broken, can’t see the point of starting a new year without my lovely boy. This has made me realise how much he meant to me. Seems like there is nothing left for me. Much love to all of you who are suffering xx

Oh Penny11 I get it, this pain is unbearable. I don’t want the New Year to come, that will mean a year when my Thomas won’t live in. I cant bear a world without my smiling boy.

@Penny11 and @Lcc59
Its really difficult this time of year. Starting a new year without your precious child. I know exactly how you feel. Its so difficult. I still find it hard now and my son would be nearly 15. I hope you both find comfort and healing. You are both in my thoughts and prayers x

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