Struggling to come to terms being a solo parent

I lost my husband 6 months ago & I am now having to be a solo parent to my 7 year old daughter which is really tough and challenging both physically and emotionally I feel like sometimes I can’t do it without my husband in my life we both miss him so much & often cry :cry: about it.


I don’t have kids, so can’t really relate to difficulties of being a solo parent - but I can imagine how difficult it is to be strong for someone else while life is falling apart - I barely managed alone

Sorry for your loss and keep strong for your daughter

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Good morning
You can do this. You’re a strong person. You have come on here, to get support. That’s a big step.
It helps, because you have people who understand everything you’re going through.
I lost my hubby 10 weeks ago. His daughter was here when he passed away.
She’s an adult - over 40 - but it doesn’t make it easier.
We talk and laugh about him, that helps us.
Keep doing what you’re doing. You will both get through this.
Sending big hugs to you both :people_hugging: x