Struggling to cope

Hi, I lost my grandad on the 28th June very unexpectedly and suddenly. He wasnt just my grandad he was also my dad. My dad passed away when i was a baby so he has always taken his place. We were incredibley close and he was my best friend. I saw him all the time and we spoke on the phone the days we didnt see eachother. He done everything for me and i completely relied on him. Its been a week today since the funeral, and its really hit me over the past few days and i’m really struggling to cope. It was my first day back at work today and it was almost unbareable, i cried all the way there, and all day long. Its the first step to ‘getting back to normal’, although i’m nowhere near getting back to ‘normal’, and i am unsure that i ever will. People keep saying it gets easier but i feel its getting harder. I miss him so much its literally painful. Can someone please help with some advice? X


I’m so sorry that you lost your Grandad recently and that you’re having such a tough time at the moment. Losing a loved one is so difficult and painful, you were so close to your Grandad that’s it’s understandable that you’re struggling to cope and in pain.

It does get easier, it takes time & you lost your Grandad so recently. The grieving process can be painful and last for a while.Try to be patient and kind to yourself.

Going back to work is a big step, you’re doing really well even though it probably doesn’t feel like you are. Do you have someone at work you can talk to & turn to for support?

You are right about not getting back to normal. Life has changed significantly for you so in time you adjust to a new ‘normal’ where there will be happy times, especially when you get to a place where you remember all the good times with your Grandad.

Please keep talking to us in the community & take care. Trudy x

Thanks so much for your kind words, its really comforting. Unfortunately im not getting much support at work and my manager isnt being helpful at all, more patronising and basically telling me to ‘get on with it.’
I’m trying to be strong for my grandma as she is really struggling now. They were married for 53 years so its really hard for her to not have him here anymore.
I’m going to sign myself off work for the rest of the week, i’m finding it too hard. Although im anxious of how my manager is going to take it. But i need to think of myself and my own mental health at the moment x

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