struggling to focus

I find I’m struggling to focus and am so easily distracted. Just over 4 weeks in to this hellish new existence. Does it get any easier? I feel lost so often and I’m not getting stuff I really should do done. I just sit looking at stupid videos on Facebook and randomly crying when something triggers me.


@BobY totally get the not being able to focus. I nearly took someone out on a bike when I was driving. Luckily I didn’t but did make me wonder if I should be driving :scream:


I’m not that bad in the car though I’ve only done short distances but everything else seems such a massive task.


That’s so familiar. My house and garden have gone to pot. I just feed myself and get dressed when i have to and put on a front for the children (grown up) or anyone else I have to face.


Understand completely.
I did put the hoover round this morning and wiped a few sides down.
The sun doesn’t help as you can see the dust :person_facepalming:

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Completely get it my partner Martin died 6/2/2023 I took from January of work to care for him went back last week due to financial issues , nursing for 23 years but I spin in work , cannot concentrate at all , can’t recall colleagues names even , it’s tough very tough xxxxx I feel half of me xxx


I can relate to this .lost my gorgeous fantastic wife sue on 1st February this year.trying to keep on top of things. My daughter and stepson dave and family are keeping an eye on me .but some days i have to force myself to do anything