Struggling to move forward

This year has been an absolute whirlwind and I would like literally anyone’s advice on how they have been able to cope and deal with the loss of loved ones
To begin with this year I lost my granddad who I have lived with since I was a baby which was sudden and a shock, a couple weeks after I lost my auntie which I only saw month to month but it kept me distracted from even thinking about losing my granddad, a month or two after that my nan passed away who I had been caring for and then my uncle passed a few weeks later because of so many people close to me dying I have sort of buried my emotions deep down for as long as I can but recently after the death of a family friend everything is coming to surface again, I am only 20 years old and have never had to deal with losing anyone before let alone so many people, constantly having to pick myself up and put on a brave face to support my grandma is very draining and I would appreciate anyone’s advice


What a terrible year you have had, how you have managed to carry on I don’t know, I think you would benefit from bereavement counselling, Sue Ryder has this service, at the moment it’s by phone, there is a bit of a waiting list but it’s only a matter of weeks, it’s worth looking into, I hope you have some other family support to get through this, there isn’t an easy answer, I found keeping myself busy and going out for a walk at least once a day with my dogs, helped me, sending love to you Jude x


That is a lot of knocks to keep getting up from. Sorry I don’t have any advice as it sounds awful and I don’t think there is much you can do except try to get hour to hour the basic things done like eating, drinking (soft drinks :wink: )trying to rest even if you can’t sleep try to to do the things in case it might happen and allow yourself anything that might make you happy even for a few minutes (TV, youtube videos, music, friends, gaming, watching birds out of the window, whatever your thing is…).

It also may be worth making a dr appointment (not the easiest in our country right now but once you eventually do it it is usually by phone) and talking through with them as they may offer you some prescription drugs or other support of some kind. Also seeking support like you have done here shows you still have some fight in you, keep that and keep talking whether in here or some other method because I think sharing grief, fear and all these emotions we feel helps a little. No one can help you really but somehow it helps a little to know others are suffering also (even if it’s sad it’s true).

I don’t have a good answer though because I am also looking for an answer to this question, I personally don’t feel there is one, I am just trying to keep myself and the ones I care about alive until either things get easier (which I can’t believe they will really) or… well i dont know the end of that sentence… just keep going and keep breathing I guess…

Sorry that all this happened to you, there isn’t a good way to deal with it because it is beyond words… sorry. Take care x