Struggling today :(

Two years ago my auntie died and yesterday scattered my mums ashes who died in December and today it’s all just hit me that I am so alone and I am struggling.

I’ve been ‘coping’ for last few weeks and spent all morning with a friend but was wandering around B&M and then it hit me that I was going back to an empty house and this is my new life :frowning:

Any help much appreciated x


It is so raw for you as it is only a few weeks since you lost your Mum. I was in shock after losing my Dad at the end of September 2021 but I didn’t really realise that until Christmas, and then the feelings and tears came…x

I hope you can find support and not expect too much from yourself. I wasn’t able to do a lot of ordinary things such as cleaning, apart from the real basics, because I just didn’t care. The only thing I can say that helped me is to live one day at a time, not think ahead, and to draw comfort from friends and family who support me. I find walking in nature helped me as did reading, although I only recently managed this.

The shock has worn off but I still struggle to accept this new reality, I am just trying to accept living one day at a time, some difficult some better.

Take care, wishing you well xx

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Thank you @Lanee for your lovely response as much appreciated.

Normally I try and get out or read as you say and even made a trifle this morning lol but all of a sudden I was hit with the dawning realisation that she isn’t coming back.

I’m not feeling :100: today so maybe that’s not helping my mood but will allow myself today to feel low as back to work tomorrow so have to put a brave face on,

Will follow your suggestion…one day at a time.

Take care of yourself

Suzanne x

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I hope people at work will be kind to you and realise what you are going through

Thinking of you and sending love xx

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Hi Suzanne I lost my mum in December last year aswell. I got my mums ashes yesterday so it’s another step of knowing she isn’t here. Like you I’m struggling today and going out and coming back to a empty house is the worst feeling I’m feeling very lonely. Feels like everyone is moving on and I can’t

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Sounds like we are living very similar lives just now and not one that we asked for.

I’m hoping tomorrow will be a better day for both of us and always here to lend a friendly ear…

Wishing you a peaceful evening,

Suzanne x


Hi Suzanne

I usually see most of your posts and have been inspired by how supportive and compassionate you’ve been. Don’t forget to save some for yourself.

I had a bit of a moment in Asda. I’d gone with my sister and just for a split second I found my memory had gone AWOL and I thought I was in my previous life where everything was ok. I don’t know how that happened.

Take care x


Hope it is a better day for you aswell. Sometimes you feel like the only person going through it. Think it’s got to a point where I put an act on saying I’m fine when I’m not x

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Dear @Suzanne30

I am sorry to hear of your loss. Have you got family and friends that can support you?

It might be worth considering some one-to-one counselling if you are interested. You can find out about the free online counselling service Sue Ryder provides here or you could make an appointment with your GP and ask to be referred to counselling or other support services in your area.

You could trying contacting your local Cruse Bereavement to see if they have any local support groups you could join.

Please continue to reach out and do not feel you are alone. Take care.


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Hi @Tina19,

Your lovely comment made my day so thank you x

Your Asda visit sounds reminiscent of my B&M trip and it floored me so hopefully you’re feeling better x

Keep posting and take care of yourself,

Suzanne x

Hi @Peppers

I have a couple of good friends that have been great but they have lives too so don’t want to become that needy pal.

My family is largely non-existent in that some I don’t know where they are and some literally live four door down from me and never speak.

I have contacted Cruse twice and Mind but on a waiting list like so many others but will try Sue Ryder :+1:

Thank you foe your advice,

Suzanne x


Couldn’t agree more. Been working all day trying to be professional and as soon as in car…BOOM!! tears :sob:

Had my goddaughter round tonight so feeling a bit better now.

Thank you for asking and hope all is as well with you as it can be.

Suzanne x

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I had a better day today. I haven’t gone back to work yet probably next month sometime which will be hard. Its one of those where I will never be ready to go back but I have too. I’m glad you had a better day. I guess its a day at a time with grief x