Struggling today

It will be 5 months to the date I lost my son to a drugs overdose, and the pain I feel today is horrendous. Feel so lost and can’t stop crying.
I thought I was doing ok, but maybe I’m not. Tomorrow is that Friday as I call it, dread it, but like my son used to say…let me do today first Mum please. How I wish I could have helped him more, but I did everything I could. Sorry I’m not in a good place today. Big hugs to everyone xx


I am feeling sad today, it’s 5 months since my son passed.

5 months since I lost my son. Had a bad 2 days, hopefully tomorrow better…little steps. Not sure how I’ve got this far xx

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@MJG may sound stupid but take it hour by hour. I find that helps me xx

Thank you Gill1960, that is what I have started to do, I can’t even think ahead to the next day. I was always looking ahead, but can’t see any point anymore. One hour at a time, hope you are doing ok xx