Struggling with losing Mum during lockdown

Hoping to reach out to someone in similar situation to myself.

I’m 27 and my Mum died in October of cancer and since then I have struggled to seek support of my family and friends due to COVID restrictions. Not being able to be with loved ones during this time is incredibly difficult.

The situation is also hard going on my partner who I live with because he’s taking the brunt of the grief and is finding it difficult to continue to try and pick me up.

Just feeling very low all the time, missing her and the constant time on my hands is not easy on the mind, any coping mechanisms you’ve found would be massively appreciated.

Hi I’m so sorry you’ve had to come to this site because your mum passed away. I lost my mum suddenly in October too. This site has helped, just writing anything you need here is a good outlet. COVID is certainly making grieving worse. I live alone, but have bubbled with my dad, so he’s the only person I see these days. Thinking too much does make missing my mum worse. I’ve been filling days with doing jigsaws, baking, watching old friend episodes or any light hearted comedies (they help me) and walking when the weather is ok. Can you meet friends for a walk?


Thanks for reaching out. I have met a few friends for walks, the weather has been in our favour for that. I just find it really difficult to stay concentrated on anything at the moment as my mind always wanders to thoughts of mum, which isn’t a bad thing but just leaves me feeling down and missing her. I usually like to read but still can’t get my mind to really concentrate on that.

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Unfortunately you can’t rush grief, only time will help eventually with your concentration. I really struggled with my concentration as well and my mind constantly thinking about my mum all day long too. It has gotten better the last few weeks. I have only started reading again now and still not as much as I used too. You just have to try different things and see what works for you. Even if you only manage something for 10mins at a time, it will get easier. I even cleaned my kitchen to occupy myself :sweat_smile: anything that didn’t actually require thought, just action. I’ve found writing a journal/memory book has helped me a lot. I’ve never kept a journal before, but writing memories of my mum and things I’d like to say to her has been an outlet. It’s extremely hard to do when tears are falling and you’re trying to write, but afterwards I feel a little lighter.
Feel free to pm me if you want/need to chat more.