Struggling with loss off my mum

My mum died suddenly 2 weeks ago. We laid her to rest on thursday and i am struggling so hard to make sense of things. I feel numb but my heart is broken she was my best friend and i really cant see how i can go on without her


sorry to see your post. I lost my Mum last year and like yours she was my great friend. We had lots in common and it felt and still feels unbelieveable to me that she is no longer here.

There is nothing I can say which will take your pain away but please take care of yourself, try and eat something even if it is only something little. Soup is good as easy to eat and I found making and eating a jelly comforting too particularly with some fruit in it. Don’t be frightened to ask for help if you feel in need of it. Some people go to their Doctor or to a family member or friend.

Take each day as it comes. If you are not working little cat naps during the day are good and keep you going.

There are lots of nice people on here who i am sure will reply to you so do not feel on your own.