Struggling with my feelings

All I can say is I’m just struggling today. My emotions are all over the place. I’m sitting plagued with memories of all the crap things that I said and done to my dad when I was younger. Then I sit in complete disbelief that he is gone. I can’t even talk to my biggest confidante about my feelings as that was my dad. It just feels really bad just now - life just feels rubbish and stuck

I’m sorry Gayle to hear you have lost your dad. It’s scary when your parent dies as they are like a safety net above us, something that has been there all our life. The feelings you are having now are a normal part of grief. Everyone feels regret, usually for no reason, it’s just a natural thing we do to ourselves. These feelings will pass Gayle I promise and in time you will think of your dad and smile. Life will get better for you and you will live it with all the lovely memories you have of your dad. Just take it a day at a time for now. And post on here any time you need to x