Struggling with the loss of my mum

Aw Lynn it’s heartbreaking, I completely understand I think the idea of time moving on is just really scary without our mums, I felt soo disassociated from everyone last Christmas, looking bck it was complete survival mode, this year I just feel soo sad, soo soo sad! My heart breaks for u going through this, it’s all these things that ppl just have no idea your going through! Xxx

@Lucyn Today is definitely a better day, sad but able to handle this level of sadness without getting overwhelmed. I’m just beginning to realise I’m having the same sort of pattern as thats. A day or 2 of being able to function and then a day of unbearable sadness. Who knew grief was so unpredictable.
How’s your day been? Hope you’re managing ok.

@Trish85 My dad has already said we are putting up our trees because my mum loved Christmas. I was surprised he wanted to. It’ll break my heart because usually it was my mum and I doing both our trees dancing around with Christmas tunes on. Apart from this plan I do think my dads in denial about Christmas. I have mentioned presents for people and he just never really answers me. I’m trying to get organised because I do love buying gifts for everyone and I want to keep busy for now.
I hope some Christmas in your future you’re able to look back at the happy memories you had with your mum and be a little less sad thinking about them all.
I love your profile picture, you look so like your mum and she looks like a lovely lady x

I’m glad your day has been better, hopefully tomorrow will be good for you too.
Mum’s best friend came to see me today , it was so lovely to just talk all day about Mum and our memories, she really lifted my spirits. I gave her lots of Mums possessions as I know she will appreciate them and they are going to a lovely home.

@Lucyn I’m so glad you had a lovely day with your mums best friend. That would make you feel close to her again reminiscing. I hope you’ll be able to keep in contact with her and meet up occasionally. I’m sure she was so happy to be there for you and also enjoyed sharing memories and for her to receive some of your mums possessions is lovely.
I hope I’ll be able to keep in contact with some of my mums friends. My mum talked about them so often and I enjoyed hearing what was happening in their life’s.

I’m sure your Mum’s friends would love it . You and your Mum sound like you had very similar personalities and interests so for her friends you are now their closest link, it’s amazing what you find can out about your Mum too!
I thought Mums friend was a bit intimidating as she is a priest but I’ve seen a totally different side to her and I can totally see why they had such a strong friendship. She is very wise too which is what I need as I move forward on my journey to who knows where

@Lucyn I do hope you’re right and I can keep in contact with her friends. I’d love to hear stories from them. My mums best friend was from as far back as primary school, so I’m sure she has lots to tell lol.
I’m glad you’ve seen another side to your mums friend and now understand their friendship a little more. I hope you’ve had an ok day today.