Hi, I lost my beloved husband in June and tomorrow would’ve been our 18th wedding anniversary. I have been off work since I lost him and are due to return to work next week under a phased return. I think I’m ready as maybe getting back to a routine of work would be helpful?
We had such a wonderful marriage and to lose him so suddenly leaves me with panic feelings and loneliness. I long for his hugs.
16 years ago I also lost my youngest son aged 19 in a motorcycle crash and my husband was such a support for me then. His loss has hit me bad, and I’m struggling. How can I go on? The future is black :cry::pensive:


I lost my partner just before Christmas 2020 during lockdown, we lived apart so I wasn’t there when she died, she passed early Monday morning on my day off and I went back to work on the Tuesday, probably a big mistake as she used to come with me and knew a lot of the staff, hit me hardest at the end of the day but bounced back again the following morning, it did help working and that Christmas was literally at the end of the week
My daughter fell apart as she was like a Mum to her, more than her horrible own Mum, and struggled through Christmas and had grief counselling for months, something I regret I didn’t have to this day, I recently joined a dating site, totally wrong! Found myself spouting about my darling Crissy and chased everybody away, your not at all ready for that I told myself sternly
Take care, this site is really good for giving and receiving grieving help

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I am so sorry to hear about your loss.
Our family is not dissimilar.
I lost my daughter suddenly in 2006 just before she was 22.
My husband died 20.06.22 whilst on holiday again no warning.
Yes it’s hard to carry on, l have a autistic son who needs me. But to be honest if it was not for him and the promise I made to my husband I don’t know how would be.
My heart goes out to you. All I say is be kind to your self and take one day at a time xxxx


Thankyou for your kind words and I am so sad for your losses, I really feel your pain. This is the hardest thing to go through and I still can’t quite believe my husband has gone. I kiss his photo every night, and hug his ashes, talking to him, telling him I love him and miss him and what I have done that day.
I am thinking of trying some sort of counselling at the Big C. Maybe it will help, I don’t know😞