My dad recently passed away suddenly and unexpectedly. I’m his only child and have been sorting all arrangements myself. I have amazing support from my partner but I’m struggling. I feel so so sad all of the time. I cry every day and struggle to see the fun in anything. My dad was an extreme hoarder and the circumstances around his death and when he was found etc are very hard to bare. I have so many ‘what ifs’ and torment myself. I keep telling myself it was the life my dad chose but it’s very hard. I am struggling to sleep too.

Hiya, so sorry for the loss of your Dad,
my nan passed away suddenly in sept 22, My mum is an only child and i know she found it really really difficult, she is still now sorting through my nans belongings.
i also have the what ifs and why,
Always here if you want to message

love Chelle x

Im so sorry to read about the loss of your dad. You might be replaying everything in your mind, I know from losing my mum the sadness that comes. I didn’t know my heart would actually feel broken. Almost 7 months on and I seem to feel numb but different. You have already done so well doing lots of things on your own, showing strength through all your sadness. Reach out to people here, reading their stories can help sometimes x