I am so tired and cannot eat main meals. I am relieved that my dear hubby died before me because he would not have coped on his own- but I miss him so much. How do you make new friends?


It’s a very hard journey, my beloved hubby passed a few days before Christmas last year and I’m finding things very difficult just now. We were married 46 years and had so many plans when we retired but he passed before this. We never needed friends we loved each others company and yes life has a very lonely now, thankfully we have three daughters and 6 grandchildren but I don’t see them everyday. I find weekends really hard .

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Hi @Mary.Mac
Sorry to here how your feeling just now.
For me it is 24 weeks since he passed suddenly and unexpected aged 63
I just retired last year and he took early retirement in Feb and was gone in June.
I am from Scotlsnd and live outside Edinburgh.
Me too we only really had each other for company a couple of friends who we saw every couple of months but we spent most of our time together. I am finding time hard as one when we were used to bring a couple. I dont think it gets better but we learn to apapt to this new existance
I too have one daughter and granddaughter grandson in Australia who i saw with my husbsnd last year but couldn’t face going on my own yet. Maybe next year.
I also have daughter here and granddaughters who i only see if i make the effort to visit them they dont visit me as they have their own lives to live.
It is tough and hard to deal with things without him around to guide me.
Weekends and nights are long and too quiet now.
Take care

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It’s hard isn’t it, sitting on a Sat watching tv we enjoyed watching together. I’m dreading the next month finding it difficult with decorations starting to go up, I’m also aware change in hubbies health now. I live in Fife so not to far from you.
Hubby always said one day at a time that’s what try to do. Take care and I know we will do our best to show our hubbies we will never forget them x


Im watching tv too.
However its only background noise cant concentrate on anything just now.
Life is so strange without him around.
No one to ask or talk about things,no one to eat with. Life at the moment feels empty. I suppose when youve been married a long time 35 years and been together it is strange now that the next 20 years i could be spending alone.
Anyway here’s hoping tomorrow is a better day
Lynne x

I get where you are coming from we would have been married 46 years in Oct. Tomorrow is another day without them but we will try and get through the day, as you say we have a long time to learn, my mum is 96 and we lost my dad 5 days before Dave passed and she feels the same. Please feel free to message me anytime x

My mum is 87 and had a really fall 1 week ago and is in hospital. She has dementia and was found in the rain having broken ribs facial injuries dont know how long she was there very lucky as soaked through.
I lost my husband in June and now my poor mum suffering with dementia on top of that.
Life has not been very good this year.
Take care
L x
Life has

Oh no I hope your mum is recovering from her fall, dementia is horrible to watch loved ones with, my dad had it and my mum has vascular dementia but memory not to bad just now, she is 96 x

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She is looking better but still not able to be on her own now. We had carers 4 x daily but her memory is so bad now it looks like we need full time care.
Wish my husband was here to help and guide me but now on my own so hard to make decisions. For now till she heals mum will be staying in Hospital.
Take care
Lynne x

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Hello @Galaxy75
My heart goes out to you. You have an awful lot to deal with in the midst of your grief and without your husband’s support.I’m finding it hard to make decisions on my own about simple things so I can only sympathise with you. Life just seems very cruel sometimes. X

Hi @Galaxy75,

That’s good your mother is looking better. But I really feel for you having to somehow cope with the deterioration in her memory and the burden of your grief.

Sending you best wishes.

Thanks i am sure i’m being tested sometimes dont know how i get through some days but i do.
Tomorrow visit to mum in hospital then going to Livingston in afternoon to get present for great grandson for his 1st christmas if everything goes to plan.
If not and dont feel like it then just back home after visit.
Take care
Lynne x

Thank you for your best wishes
Hopefully tomorrow day goes to plan
Will be going to bed soon as planning early start.
Take care