Hi On sunday we took my mums ashes to scatter them in bute.I have been really down since then,i feel like i lost my mum all over again.I so wasnt ready for it .just want to curl up and stay in bed its a effort to get up and go to work .

Hello June 45 ,

I am so sorry for your loss I feel the same as you every day . Just try to remember your mum is in your heart all the time .

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Hi to you both, yes this grieving thing is not easy but it will get better. June, why don’t you go and see if your GP will give you a little sick time to recover, it’s just a thought.
From my own experience getting help is worth it even if you feel you can manage, we all think we are big and strong but really we just hide the feelings of totally sadness that wraps itself around every single bit of our being. Take care and true to keep busy, it does help.

Thanks susie xx

Thank you June 45 sending hugs .

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