My beautiful mum pastaway very suddenly and unexpected on 27th February. Mum had mixed dementia but she was Physically fit so her sudden death has shockex us all. Because it was a sudden death we have to wait for a post-mortem which means we can not yet lay mum to resr.

I was mum’s live carer for over 3 years then just before Christmas m went into a care home. I feel as though I let her down if I’d tried harder to look after mum she wouldn’t have had to gp in a home and she might still be here.
With Mothers day approaching I’m struggling not to break down when I see all the mother’s day cards in the shops. I have to be strong for my dad who is 83 abd and heartbroken But im really struggling :sleepy:


My heart goes out to you at this distressing time, sending hugs of support. I agree with you, mother’s Day when mom isn’t here to spend it with, & having to watch everyone else with their mom’s is heartbreaking, my mom passed away 3 years this April, as my mom’s birthday is in February, I’m getting into a cycle where I wish I could just go into a coma in November, & not wake up till after mother’s day is over so I don’t have to go through all the heartache over & over of reminders that she’s not here. My mom was 64 when she passed, yesterday I had the disturbing job of helping my boyfriend getting a card & presents for his mom, who is in her late 70’s, :pensive: I can’t help questioning why, I see people with parents in their 70s, 80s, & ask why did my mom die so young, :sob: sadly there’s no answer to that, just simply, fate decided it was her time.

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