Sudden Bereavement

My Name is Lita and I suddenly Lost my husband of 33 years nearly 3 weeks ago. I am still in shock as there was no warning just out of the blue.

So sorry for your loss, I do understand, I lost my husband very suddenly in Nov. Take your time, there is no rush to get everything sorted in one go, try to eat and sleep when you can. If you have family and friends, use them, let them help, and keep in touch on this site, everyone is in the same boat, so it help to ease the helplessness. Take care xx

Thank you for your kind words

Lita, I am so sorry to hear about your husband.
I am new to this site and I lost my husband very suddenly Feb’20.
I can’t say I am coping a year down the line, in some ways it is worse.
As gilmar has said if you have friends and family to support you use them because you do need them.
I joined a woman’s walking group and try to go out walking with a friend for my daily exercise and it keep busy.
Covid has made a difficult time harder.
Sending a virtual hug and hopefully others will reply with supportive advise. Xx

Hi Huila

Thank you you for your kind words. Due to Covid it is very difficult to mix outside your bubble with people so I am mainly relying on close family. Trying to slowly get back to doing things but very hard. Love Lita

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