Sudden bereavement

My husband kissed me goodbye and left for work on the 25th July. A few hours later I hit a call to say he had had a heart attack and died.
I know it’s very early days but I don’t know how I can carry on.

So sorry, Georgie. Our loss was equally sudden, equally unexpected when our daughter died six months ago. Her husband was devastated and is still only going through the motions, as are we.
I just read this, on another forum, about the loss of a child: “No wonder all many of us can do is live a life of pretence.”
Pretending to be interested, pretending to be involved, pretending to be normal because the alternative is to stop altogether. It’s hard to go on but I truly hope and believe that some day, we will be able to come to a point where the pretence begins to bear fruit and we’ll look back at our time with our daughter with some joy. Not because we miss her less and resent her loss any less but because she was such a source of joy in our lives and we owe it to ourselves and, above all, to her to keep that memory of love and joy alive for as long as we can.
I don’t know if this helps but I do know, from talking to a friend who lost both his son and his wife some years ago, that it is possible to regain some of life’s savour, not easily, not quickly but with time and patience. The tears and the memories remain but the recollection of joy can eventually prevail.
Once again, so sorry
J xxx

Hi Georgie I have just joined the for forum and saw your post. I lost my husband on the 16th June from a sudden heart attack, he’d had no symptoms, went to work and never came home. We have 2 boys 16 & 11 who are amazing and seem to be coping I however am really struggling. People tell me I’m amazing and so strong but inside I’m broken. They say time is a healer … I really hope thats the case

I’m so sorry for you. My husband died in his sleep on Christmas Eve and I was and am devastated. The thing that gives me some comfort is how much he loved me and however much inevitable guilt I feel after he has gone I know how much we loved each other. One carries on because we have had true love