Sudden death of husband

This is my first posting. Rob my husband died suddenly on 15th August. I had to give him CPR and then our son arrived and had to continue until the ambulance service arrived. The post mortem couldn’t save why he died and now there is an investigation. His funeral was on Tuesday. I’m devastated we were together for 34 years. I feel sick all the time and don’t know what the point of it all is now

Hi I can understand what your going through I lost my partner of nearly 27 years to a sudden heart attack in May myself and my older son gave him CPR until the paramedics arrived they took him straight to hospital when we arrived he had passed away I hope your getting lots of support.
Take care
Christine x

Hi Lynne
I understand totally what you’re going through. I lost my lovely husband Carl on the 2nd July. He was in the gym and I was next door in the pool. He had a heart attack and cardiac arrest and never came round. We never said goodbye. We are 58, no children and were inseparable. We were together 41 years, married for 37. At nearly 12 weeks now, I am totally lost without him. Like you I wonder why I am still here and question my life now he has gone. Today has been particularly bad for me. Upset all the time. My GP has said it is the deep grief and anxiety. I still can’t cope with seeing or hearing emergency ambulances and have to switch channels on the tv with all the ER style programmes. I miss him so much and the aching churning feeling especially in the morning is so painful. At least we can talk and everyone on here knows what it is all about - sadly. Lots of love and sending hugs to you. Xxx

My husband Mark suffered a sudden cardiac arrest at home with me at the end of July . Me , one of his employees , the paramedics and air ambulance doctors did everything we could and he made it to hospital but died three days later following further cardiac arrests . A preliminary brain scan showed he had suffered brain damage through the initial arrests . He was dynamic and lovely and I miss him terribly . We were talking in bed about what we were going to do that day . He got up to go to work and collapsed and that was the beginning of the nightmare . We have been together for 42 years and married for 33 and have 3 daughters 30, 25 and 21 . It is such a shock to the system and part of me still can’t believe it even though I was with him from the minute it happened . Talking on this forum helps a bit because we are all in the same boat . Sending everyone big hugs and hope today is bearable . It has to be . We have no choice in what we are dealing with and neither did our lovely husbands . Romy x