Sudden death

Hi, my partner took a heart attack I called 999 and had to then perform cpr . It took 25 mins for any help to come . He then died after police and ambulance arrived. He was 47. We had so much to look forward to and had taken me so long to find him. I just don’t know how to cope without him it’s so hard :broken_heart:


Hello Teresao, sorry to hear about your loss,
Nothing makes any sense when this first happens to you and even trying to find some just seems to add to the jumble that’s in your head.
I hope you have family and friends who can help you and talking on here to others in the same boat will help.
Take care Teresao


I am so sorry that you find yourself in this club that none of us want to belong to. My husband went out for his evening run, collapsed and died. Me and my son went to find him when he didn’t return but we were too late. We never got to say goodbye. He was 50. That was 10 months ago. The grief will hit in big waves in the early days and all you can do is take it one breath at a time. Have a look at - it is written by someone who lost her partner suddenly so she understands. Take all the support you can. I was lucky, I had a lot of people to help me through. The pain never goes away but you begin to adapt to dealing with it. I just find my life is empty now. I am busy, back at work, two young adults to be there for and an ill mother and MIL to visit regularly. My life is busy but empty and I think it probably always will be. We had so many plans for retirement that have gone now. Keep posting here - people will be supportive. Take care of yourself


Thankyou, I’m so sorry for your loss also. Its early days for me so it’s still very raw. Its good to read messages from others that understand the pain .


Dear Teraseo I’m so sorry all I can say is big hug to you :hugs: please find strength where you can here and elsewhere x x


Dear Teresao
I’m so sorry for your loss, I’m sure are still in shock and it is so hard to comprehend what’s happened.
My husband died suddenly in August, he had covid but was out of isolation, back at work 2 weeks, no symptoms, he died in the early hours, I called the paramedics and we did cpr but they were unable to save him, he was 48.
I still can’t quite believe it, you can only take one moment at a time, do you have support around you, lean on them, and us, we sadly know how you are feeling. Take care Natasha x


Dear Teresao I’m so sorry to hear that,I also lost my husband to a heart attack it was so sudden,so I know exactly what you are going through,one day one step at a time,I’ve found talking definitely helps especially to people who know what you are going through,try and think of all the Happy times and memories huge hugs and love tc x 🫂 :heart: