Sudden death

Hi all, I’m new to this site so please bare with me as I’m not technical at all and get confused.
5 weeks ago today my daughters boyfriend passed away suddenly at the young age of 18.
They’d lived together with his mum for the past year & had been together nearly 2 years.
They looked forward to a future together.
He started struggling to breathe. My 19 year old daughter gave him CPR until paramedics came & took over. They tried for 30 minutes before giving 10 shots of adrenaline & trying to restart his heart on the machine for a further 40 minutes but he was gone :pensive:
She watched him being taken out by the coroner.
She has since had to move back home as his mum wanted her to leave which means she’s even further from where they shared their lives.
My daughter is lost, I am lost on how to get her through this very difficult time.


Hi there don’t feel you have to answer but did the coroner sAy what took him? My mum had a sudden cardiac arrest I preformed cpr ( don’t know how long for) we managed to get her back with the defibrillator before the descision to not resuscitate mum again was taken anyway my mum was 52 and died of a undiagnosed blood clot in the lung I will be happy to support if needed

Hi, thank you for your reply. The coroner’s result was inconclusive but his grandmother has asked for an inquest seeing as he’s so young.
This means there isn’t any plans for his funeral yet and this is making the grieving process harder to cope with.

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