Sudden death

My darling husband died

My darling husband had a heart attack at the campsite in the Scottish Highlands where we were working on 27 September. I had to start CPR and shock with a defibrillator over and over. Lots of guests joined in with CPR until the air ambulance came. By the time I got to the hospital his death had been confirmed. We live in Scotland but his parents and family live in England, so I had to organise the funeral in England from MIL house. The funeral was 2 days ago and I collected his ashes today. I will drive home tomorrow and then I don’t know what I will do. I still can’t believe I am in this nightmare. He was only 63 and we were to retire in November, with so many plans. I’m so sad and scared. I have no family of my own and no friends.


So sorry for your loss. It most have been horrific for you having to do cpr on your husband . I can’t imagine the anguish you went through. It’s so hard with no family to support you. It’s still very early days for you and your emotions are all over the place. I’m 14 months in my journey from losing the best husband ever and I’m feeling so sad at the moment I miss him so much we had no children although I now live with my mum I feel so alone my lifes a mess. Sending a massive hug to you . Life sucks .

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I’m glad I found this group, though. It helps that other people know what I’m going through. Sending hugs to you. xx


I lost my husband suddenly on holiday in June 2022 l also had to do CPR he had a massive heart attack.
The nearest hospital was half an hour away.
My heart goes out to you. one step at a time and be kind to yourself xxxx

My eldest son did CPR on his dad 10 months ago. He died suddenly, my son never talks about it but he must really feel it . He has always been one to keep things to himself but I do worry about him. I have found out that he does talk to one of his brothers so at least he is talking to someone. I am lucky that I have 4 children so not completely alone. Except at night that is the hardest. None of the children talk about their dad, which I find hard as I want to talk about him but don’t want to upset them. I’m sure they think they are looking out for me, if I say anything to my daughter she gets upset and that will start me off. Life is not fair, only those that are going through this truly understand how we feel

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Would it be ok if I share a video our girls made for me

Hi @Jenny1971, yes, if you’re comfortable to do so. We do advise members that the best way to protect their safety is to stay anonymous, so you might not want to share anything which is identifying, for example, if there’s something that could identify your location or the location of any children.

If you’re not sure, you can click on my profile, then, “Private message” me with a link and I can take a look for you first if you like?

Take care,

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