Sudden death

I lost my sister a few months ago very suddenly and in very traumatic circumstances, we had not seen each other for some years and she lived over seas. No one let us know she had passed we found out through the press which was horrendous. The shock of finding out that way and seeing the press releases on the internet and social media absolutely devastated me. I have found myself having sleep issues, dreaming of our childhood and past, depression, lack of interest in everyday life and sadness that is so over whelming. I’ve contacted my gp and being prescribed medication. Has anyone experienced this as in a sudden traumatic death ?

Hello @cazelaine,

I’m Seaneen, and I can see you’re new to the community. I’m so sorry for the loss of your sister that brings you here. It sounds like her death was so sudden and shocking to you, with the added trauma of finding out through the press.

Sadly, many of our members have experienced sudden deaths and they will understand some of what you are going through. If you hit the little magnifying glass at the top, you can search for threads where someone has lost someone suddenly.

You may also find these Sue Ryder resources helpful:

Take good care - keep reaching out.