Sudden loss

I lost my Dating husband of 35 years, 8 weeks ago to a hereditary condition he knew nothing about. We as a family haven’t grieved properly, if there is a proper way, as firstly we didn’t know the cause of death and now we’re needing to take it further.
I haven’t been home yet, it’s going to be hard, the strangeness of the normal “morning love” “see you later have a good day” the pottering around the house, the days out, our walks.
He was my rock my best friend. He taught me so much gave me so much confidence and it’s this I’m sure that in the long term will give me strength to cope as I know he’ll be with me every step of the way .


I’m sorry you have had to join this forum. It’s so traumatic to lose someone so suddenly. I found comfort being at home and really hope you do. It is hard but over time I have found life easier to do, it’ll never be the same though.


I agree life going forward will never be the same without the person we love most but it’s a different life. It’s been 2+ years for me and every
minutia of every day I think about my darling husband “would he like this”. “What would be think” - it’s endless. But I promise you it does get easier. At the beginning when I first read this I thought no way ! John died suddenly in bed beside me and I still have flashbacks to trying CPR, the paramedics working hours to save him but I now realise and accept he’s gone and have to live what life I have left the best way I can. It’s hard, very hard but that initial pain will lessen but it never goes.

Much love to all
Georgina :heart::heart: