Sudden realization

My partner died from cancer 2nf October past. It was all very sudden and quite a shock and it took her very quickly after diagnosis (3.5veeks). I have been in a spin ever since and it’s just now that it is really hitting me and hitting hard. Nothing will ever be the same. She is gone forever I will never ever see her again. How can someone with so much love a beautiful human being just be alive one day and totally gone the next. My head just can’t process this. I wish I had some kind of sign to know she is in a better place instead of me telling myself that. The tears are never far away I try and keep them in and then they come crashing. I just don’t know what to do.

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Hi Jeanette,so sorry,just let the tears out,best to let it out than keeping emotions bottled up inside,yes its so hard to process ,im nearly 10 months since hubby passed and the unrealness of it all still bewilders me,its early days for you ,and the shock is overwhelming ,can only say my grief has changed slowly as the months have passed,my own personal belief is that our loved ones are there for us forever,i have had unmistakeable signs from my hubby,and they have helped me along this hard road,i also believe i will see my loved ones again when its my time,i understand everyone has their own beliefs and i respect that,take care of yourself,i think its the time when we have to be quite selfish and take more care of ourselves,i see it as selfless as we gain strength to carry on,others on here will give you some good advice,im sure,x

Thank you Sheila. Some days I am ok then other days I just can’t shake the deep feeling of greif and hopelessness. Nothing could have ever prepared me for this and I just feel so overwhelmed. I’m quite a strong person and always everyone’s rock. Now that things are in reverse I find it hard to accept my own advice. I know it’s early days and I keep telling myself that. With Xmas etc coming up it’s bringing it all home again for me. I know I will be ok in time I just can’t shake the feeling at times.
Thank you Jeanette xx

Hi robina yes I believe that our loved ones look out for us. I haven’t had any signs of them yet. I think I am still blinded by the greif and it will come. They say everything happens for a reason. I haven’t quite worked it out yet.
Thanks again j xx