Suddenly lost my wife

I am broken in two, my wife only 40 collapsed and passed suddenly a week ago, we did everything together and we were so close, im trying so hard to be strong for my kids but im just crushed and dont know how to lift myself each day.


Sorry for your loss, my boys are the same age, they have been so good.

I have applied to them already, we were all 3 at home when it happened so were in total shock, sorry to hear that you are a mess again, you must have been through so much over all that time, im struggling to make sense of whats happened, im trying to find any normality for the boys but at night everything hits home so hard.

Sorry for your loss i lost my husband very suddenly 5 months ago too its pure devastation. :cry: you will be in shock the early weeks are very painful.

Sorry for your loss also. Im finding things very hard, especially when its quiet in the evenings after all the support has gone.


So sorry for your loss of your dear wife

Keep talking on here we are all in this together :heart:

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So sorry for your loss. My 48 year old husband passed away suddenly 4 months back, and my pain is as fresh and as raw as the day he passed. we were married for 19 years. I have a boy and a girl 17 and 11 year old , who are holding so well, while I am so so broken. No one understands, except the people who are going through same. I miss him every moment, and I still cry so so much. I have joined back work, but barely scraping through it. Getting therapy done too, not sure if its helping… I just want to be functional for my kids. But I have hope, that I will be able to take care of my kids… with my husband’s love in my heart. Will always always miss him.
It is so so recent for you. Just allow yourself to feel all that you are feeling… Take one hour at a time, and just get through it.


Hi Linda thanks for your comments, really sorry for your loss and everything you are going through, talking to people who understand really helps, this community and WAY has people who are in a similar situation so understand the pain. Today has been hard but almost through, im sure its been a tough day for you also.
Take care

Hi Andrew, Thanks. Yes it was a tough day. But now I know what to expect , and if I have some better moments, I welcome those… and live through those. Holidays are tough. I am so jealous of all the ‘normal’ people doing normal stuff… with their normal families. And here we are , with our lives changed forever, not wanting to do anything… without our loved one.

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@ AndrewJN Sorry… so sorry… Have you been able to be connected with a spousal loss bereavement group at your local area yet ? If you cannot do this yourself (I was completely knocked out, dazed), ask a friend or family member to help you find one. I notice UK also have this griefshare support group (for all kinds of loss), but if you can find a support group for spousal loss at your age bracket would be the most useful. I attended a few, it helped to ground me in the first year, even though I never talked much in the sessions. Big hug. I believe our loved ones only physically departed, spiritually they live on and around us, though invisible to our eyes… God bless

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So sorry for your loss I lost my partner on 2nd December 23 to terminal cancer about 3 months after being diagnosed. My world has fell apart I have grown up children that have been amazing 25, 27 and 34 but nobody can fill that void you feel without them just take one day at a time