I just miss him so much and without him I am finding it hard .Without keeping myself continually busy I go to pieces

Hi sue I lost my husband 3 months ago to cancer we were told 3 days before his bowel ruptured it’s heartbreaking he was 64 I am 58 always been healthy I can’t lie it’s not easy roller coaster of emotions. Been together 36 years I’m lost without him. I have 2 grown up children 24 and 26 my son is my rock my daughter is struggling have a granddaughter age 2 keeps me going but sometimes I just want to be with Mick. Take care x

Thankyou Kim sorry to hear of your husbands death . Gary started 5 years ago with bowel cancer which was opperated on all was clear .he then developes epilepsy and various horribla things died in october. I have a very supportive family I love dearly bùt it his I want and all the good memories make it worse because I shall never have them again , I am trying so hard but finding it so difficult . Best Wishes Sue

Yes Sue.1. It is more than difficult at times. Welcome to the site. You are among friends here, people who know and understand. October may seem a long time ago to many, but usually it’s those who have never suffered this awful loss who think that. Time has little meaning in grief. Some on this site have expressed their grief after many years. That is NOT to say it need go on that long. You will cope in your own way and at your own pace. There are no methods or time frames. It’s good to keep busy, and it can give temporary relief, but you can’t keep on keeping busy. IF you can try and accept what has happened. Now I am not being harsh at all. But facing and accepting what has happened can help. I do appreciate how difficult it can be to accept. Memories keep popping up and upsetting us. Let them!! Allow them access but see them for what they are, memories in a tired mind. There comes a time when bad memories are replaced by better ones. I have found it so. You will find your own way as we all do.
It’s good to have you here so come back whenever. Blessings. John.

Thankyou John I shall keep trying my best