I find it difficult now to see couples out together. It only remind me of my loss . Even though we did not hold hands we were very close even if we never talked we were very close. But now we can not see each other or heard each other voice only in my dreams I can. I talk to his picture on the wall and wonder if he hears me. Will this lockdown make me mad.

Hi Sugar, I too talk to a photo/him, I tell him what I have been doing and just hope he can hear me. Funny really but so what. Take care. S xx

Hi. I also find it so difficult seeing couples walking hand in hand. We would walk with her holding my left hand and when driving her hand would be on my leg. It’s all these little things I miss so much and know I will never have again.
I have many pictures but do have a large one of her on our 20 anniversary 2 years ago which I have a candle lit all the time I’m at home day or night. I also have 2 photos in the bedroom one is on her bedside table I say goodnight and good morning every day.
I never want to not do it for as long as I’m alive in this unwelcome world.